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August 28, 2011
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My little pony: Friendship is magic season X episode 1: Enter Equestria

Its midnight in Equestria, All the inhabitants are sound asleep, but deep in the Everfree forest, on a cliff that overlooks the small town of Ponyville and Canterlot, three figures stand.
Blazing-Thunder, the Pegicorn, his cutie mark being a flame with a lightning bolt crossing through it, meaning that he had the ability co control the elements of fire and thunder, stood on the right; Amethyst, the Pegasus, her cutie mark being a talon and an amethyst crystal, meaning she was quite the hunter, stood on the left; and in the middle stood a hooded figure, his entire body covered with his dark black cloak.
Blaze and Amethyst were wearing chains around their necks and where the chains connected, there was a small light brown medallion. engraved on the medallions was a brown half moon and a black unicorn head in the center. A gray cloth hung from the medallion.
"Feast your eyes you two" said the central figure "for soon, this land will be ours"
"With the fall of Equestria" said Amethyst "the Darken moon will be unstoppable!"
Blaze stared at the land, at Ponyville and Canterlot, looked towards the ground then sighed.
"Is something wrong Blaze?" asked the hooded figure
There was silence for a few seconds.
"Master, do we really need to take this place?" asked Blaze "its not much and it doesnt seem to have much value to us"
"Blaze" said the hooded figure "we live in fear in the outskirts, all we wish to do is just show these inhabitants of Equestria what its like to live in the outskirts!"
"Master, is it really worth it!?" shouted Blaze "I see nothing for us here in this land and I think we should just stay away from it!"
"Blaze I respect your opinion" said the hooded figure "but maybe we will find something of value here once we take over" he laughed.
"I dont know about this master" said Blaze and he turned to look at the hooded figure.
"Blaze, Ive trained you, Ive raised and protected you from the dangers of the outskirts" said the hooded figure "you can trust me, Ive never put you at risk, trust me, I know what Im doing"
"Im sorry I doubted you master" sighed Blaze
Silence fell again.
"when do we begin the attack master?" asked Amethyst
"soon my dear soon" said the hooded figure "but first I have an assignment for you both"
The hooded figure turned around facing the forest and walked a few steps, Blaze and Amethyst lined up behind him.
"Your assignment is a scouting mission" he said "I want you both to explore the land of Equestria, see what we are up against and what will soon be ours; you are to only explore under the cover of night, I will expect your reports in a week"
Blaze and Amethyst saluted
"yes master" they said
"and one more thing" continued the hooded figure "If anyone gets in your way... you are to kill on sight, thats an order!"
"Yes master" said Amethyst.
Blaze felt fear in his heart, never has he ever killed before, even if he was ordered to, alone he found a way out of obeying that order but, since he was with Amethyst he didnt know what to do, if Amethyst found out he was disobeying an order, we would be an outcast, cured to roam the Outskirts again and alone, with no-one to protect him from the great dangers of the Outskirts. he has no choice but to obey.
"Y-yes master" Blaze stuttered.
"now go!" said the hooded figure, then disappearing into gray smoke.
Blaze and Amethyst took flight heading towards Ponyville. All Blaze had on his mind was the order to kill on sight, what would he do? What if Amethyst attacked? would he have to fight her? he didnt want to be considered a traitor and become an outcast, that was troubling him.
"Whats wrong Blaze?" asked Amethyst "your quiet tonight"
Blaze didn't respond, all he could think about what the order, how would he get out of this mess?
"Blaze?" she asked again.
Blaze heard his name and snapped out of his thoughts.
"huh? oh! sorry Amethyst" he laughed.
"you've been awfully preoccupied since we got here" she said "whats wrong?"
"oh! uh, nothing I..."
"Your worried aren't you?" she interrupted "Blaze, dont be, this time your not alone like all your previous assignments, Im here to back you up, sure this is a new world and different from the Outskirts but..."
"Im not worried" he said "Im just thinking, what is this place worth?"
"I don't know Blaze" she said "we'll find out soon, why else would he send you, his apprentice and me, a captain?"
"its must be something serious..."
"Blaze" she interrupted "don't worry, just remember what I aways say to you" Amethyst paused "your destined for great things, one way or another your destiny will lead you there"
Blaze smiled at her "Thank you Amethyst" he said he then frowned"but this time I dont think taking over a peaceful place will lead me to greatness"
Amethyst didn't say anything, she felt that she did all she could.
"come on" he said "lets split up, explore this forest first then call it a night"
Blaze and Amethyst flew in separate directions.

When Amethyst was out of sight, Blaze landed in the forest, sat under a tree and started thinking of what could be the biggest decision of his life. Should he stand up against his master and try and stop him from taking over Equestria? and what about the order to kill? If Amethyst attacks? should he stop her?
After a long thought, he hadn't come to a decision. He sighed and took flight to meet up with Amethyst.

As he flew over the forest, he was beginning to get worried because he could not find Amethyst.
"where could she be?" he thought
He tried not to think for the worst and try to think that she just lost track of the time until he saw a ball of purple light fly up into the air, his heart sank, then he flew towards where the ball of purple light came from.
"Amethyst" he thought "I hope your not there!"
As Blaze approached he was stunned to see Amethyst attacking a light blue unicorn with a white mane and tail.
"Amethyst no!" he said in a low voice.
He watched in horror as Amethyst knocked down the unicorn in a single strike from the air, landed and slowly approached the fallen unicorn to inflict the finishing strike.
Blaze couldn't just stand there and do nothing, but, in that very moment, Blaze decided on what he was going to do.
He flew down and landed in front of the fallen unicorn, facing Amethyst.
Amethyst stopped in her tracks, surprised about what she sees.
"Blaze!?" asked Amethyst "what are you doing? get out of my way! This unicorn will have the honor of being the first victim of the wrath of the Darken moon!"
Blaze positioned himself for a battle, his horn lit up and was engulfed in flames and lightning.
"What are you doing Blaze!?" she shouted.
"Leave the unicorn alone!" said Blaze in anger "you try and attack and I will have to attack you!"
Amethyst was shocked by what she had just herd, then she was enraged.
"You defend this pathetic unicorn?!" she asked "THATS CONSIDERED TREASON!"
Amethyst flew up into the air and charged at Blaze at full speed. Blaze rapidly reacted by engulfing himself and the fallen unicorn in flames and lightning, stopping Amethyst in her tracks but remained in the air.
"WHY DO YOU DEFEND HER BLAZE!? " said Amethyst as the flames and lightning around Blaze and the unicorn disappear.
"Amethyst, Im not going to stand by and watch you attack this unicorn!" he shouted "and Im not going to stand by and watch the Darken moon take over this place! If I have to fight you..." Blaze gulped "so be it!"
"you- you TRAITOR!" shouted Amethyst, who then charged at Blaze.
Blaze shot a small ember ball at Amethyst, that hit her left wing.
Amethyst let out a scream in pain as her wing was burned, she landed and faced the ground, her mane covering her face.
Blaze felt guilt, he attacked his only friend, even though the thought of doing it to save the unicorns live didn't help.
"so... this is how its going to be Blaze?" she asked.
Blaze didn't answer.
"Leave now Amethyst!" he said "I don't ever want to see you here again!"
Amethyst looked at Blaze, she was again shocked by what she had just herd, her face filling with rage.
"you traitor" she said in a soft but angry voice.
Blaze lit up his horn again, engulfing it in fire and lightning, ready to attack.
"I said leave NOW!" he shouted.
"I will Blaze" she replied "but don't think your safe! You have nowhere to go now! Your all alone!"
Amethyst took flight and flew out of sight, her final words being "you were destined for greatness..."

Blaze didn't know how to feel, he felt good but at the same time bad, he knew he was alone now, he had nowhere to go, but he had to put his thoughts aside and find help for the fallen unicorn.
He picked her up carefully and took flight.

He didn't know where to go, he remained hovering above the forest looking around. He decided to head towards Canterlot.

He flew at full speed towards Canterlot, he had to get the unicorn some help and fast, but he couldn't concentrate on his flying because he was worried about what will happen to him now, he was a traitor.
The thoughts shrouded his mind, he could no longer concentrate.

He didn't know what else was wrong with him but all of a sudden he began to loose consciousness in mid air, he knew he was going to crash. He turned on his back and held the fallen unicorn as tight as he could as he crash landed on the path that lead to the main entrance of the Canterlot castle.
The crash was absolutely painful for him.
As he was coming to a stop he let go of the fallen unicorn.
Blaze lost consciousness.
"Equestria may be entering a time of darkness little sister" said Celestia.
"What are we to do big sister?" asked Luna.
"I don't know little sister" said Celestia "I don't know"
Here is the first part of the story of Blazing Thunder.
It was a little tough to come up with this part (reasons on why a certain event is happening and how the event will affect the future, I keep those in mind before I come up with a story)

In this part of the story Blaze is part of the Darken moon (apprentice of the leader), a clan of ponies bent on domination and takeovers. The Darken moon now want to take over Equestria. Blaze must make a tough life changing decision.

In the picture you can see Blaze standing up against Amethyst, a captain of the Darken moon and his best friend.
(notice anything familiar in the pic?)

this first part may be a little lame but the next part will be better I promise! =/
Im a little tired so that may be why XD

if there are any typos and stuff just tell me, I'll do my best to sort them out =/

anywho... enjoy and give me feedback =D

EPISODE 2 PART 1!: [link]
MLP FiM + characters (C) Hasbro & Lauren Faust
Blaze, Amethyst and the hooded figure (C) me
The story of Blaze (C) me
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